Seatime Calculator

Seatime Calculator is a tool used in the maritime industry to calculate the amount of sea service or sea time that a seafarer has accrued.

Sea time refers to the time spent working at sea on a vessel 🚢

Enter your ship details, the Date of Sign-On and Sign Off Dates in the Boxes below to calculate the length of your time at sea. You can add multiple voyages to obtain your total sea time.

Sea Time Calculator

This calculation is important for various reasons, such as determining eligibility for certain certifications, promotions, or benefits in the maritime sector. The calculator typically takes into account factors like the duration of the sea service, the type of vessel, and any breaks in service.

Please Note: There may be some mismatch of +/- some days in calculating your Sea time because of different techniques used by Shipping Regulatory bodies of different countries. It’s recommended to Keep in hand +10 days from the Required Sea time for particular Exam, Course.